Rabu, 04 Maret 2015

Dreamers Festival #OOTDF2015

Hey guys! What's up?
Last saturday I joined a competition on Dreamers Festival, Outfit Of The Day Competition to be exact... Actually my bff georgia who told me about this competition from january, at first I wasn't so sure to join, because I never win anything before haha but she convinced me to join, so why not? I need to tag some pictures of my outfit from my instagram page to @dreamersradio and vuala! I'm one of 20 finalists that can join the fashion show of our own outfit! We had a GR on the day before the D-day, unfortunately reksa(one of the finalist) and I came a lil too late, they've(the other finalists) left when we came haha so reksa and I trained to walk on the runway just two of us, that was the awkward moment I think, and he made it clear too HAHA
This is the 20 finalist
And on D-day, I still have no one to talk too... I only knew Ravi and Diras because we went to dreamers radio to had a technical meeting about the festival... Everyone meet in a room, and I just stay quite because I didn't have someone to talk to... Bla bla bla the result was I came up as a runner up and reksa came first! Aaarrrghh I still can feel the euphoria! Wohooo and then everyone became closer because we wore the same monochrome theme for the show and we talked too much about the guets that we did or didn't know(the gossip gang!) lol they're such a cool friends! That was one of the precious time I've ever had, first I have such a lovely cousin who always accompanied me, my bestfriend georgia, and my boyfie, they always supported me there...my family that kept supported me at home hehe I love you guys lots! And for my fashionistas friends, let's keep in touch!

This is me when the show began


Reksa and Me

Thalia, Georgia, Indra<3

Dreamers Festival held by Dreamers Radio
Sponsored y #SamsungDF2015 #ComMenity, etc

I thanked Dreamers Radio so much for such a great opportunity! This is one of the best experience I've ever had!

See y'all later, alligator!


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  1. super cool outfit!


  2. Congrats congrats!!! You belong to be a star and i'm like the scout and your personal makeup artist LOL!! So proud of you baby!!!


  3. wow you are verystylish yet cool from head to toe =D
    perfect combo !!
    just found your blog and following you now ^^
    be friend?


  4. Miss this moment and miss you tho bby! xx

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