Kamis, 19 Juni 2014

Sweetest Formal

Haaaah I just want to refreshing before struggling the final exam... I got a week day off to preparing, studying, for the exam but my friends and I were choosing to had a fun first because we were to stressed about the assignments attack that finally done (thank God). 

Just yesterday I went to Cloud Lounge and Living Room wif my college friends and my sister Thalia... It’s an italian restaurant that located at Jalan Thamrin, central of Jakarta, and it’s in the rooftop of The Plaza building... asdfghjkl the view is just BEAUTIFUL! We can see the view of Jakarta city! It’s just worth it with all the thoughts about assignments, and college, and exam! HUFT too bad we came a bit late, it’s already dark But it paid off by the city lights! Wohoooo!

I tittled it sweetest formal because my friends said that my outfit was too formal because of the clutch, heels and the outer (But I took the outher off when we were already in the restaurant) and a sweet touched of pink skirt and the bracelet were complited!

These beautiful girls are my college friends, Faik, Tiara, me, and Dela (From left to right)

This is my sister, Thalia. (sister from different mother and father) I asked her to join bacause my friends and I need her to take our picture there hahaha

So... What a great night! But exam is on the horizon my friends, be ready!

See yall later, Alligator!

Minggu, 08 Juni 2014

Blossom Black

so next week i'm going to have an exam... pft, finally this semester will be over! Have bunch of assignments to be done:( aaaaaaargh... i'm not a diligent kind of person, I hope I can finish my college life well, I always pray for that every night, because I feel like I can't stand with it in every second hahaha

I just had a photoshoot, and I'm stealing Luanna's style! Omfg I love her so much! fashion blogger from New York, with her edgy style, black dresses, red hair and heavy red lipstick! SHE'S THE COOLEST!!! asdfghjkl If you want to know more about her you can click here 

I bought the top and bubble pants from local market, necklace from Linf, bracelet similar here, and shoes from infare.


I'll see yall later, alligator!

Senin, 02 Juni 2014

First Try

Yey, my very first fashion post! Hey, what's up?!
Fashion that I loved, just try to mix and match my outfit;)

So yesteday I was going to INFARE x OOTDINDO, fashion bazaar by fashion bloggers and local brands at EX Plaza (Indonesia) with my bestfriend Georgia, her sister Regine, her sister’s bf Charlie, and my sisters from different father and different mother Thalia & Gladys. We were so excited about the event! I got so much stuff with a good price, so matched with the contents of my wallet;p  I think my friends and I were dressed fashionably enough to took a pic with our fav blogger and took a pic at ootdindo’s famous booth;) My favorite is Elisabeth for sho! I don’t know why, but I think her style is so me! If you wanted to know about her style you can click here … But the other looked  great too… no, they were awesome!!! Well, I thanked my bestfriend to let me knowing about this fashionable life through them:* 

This was my outfit yesterday

I love this flower pant so much! everyone thought that's a skirt=) I bought my pant-skirt, uk bag and tattoo necklace from local market, blacelets from sin, beanie from Star Store, and shoes from Yongki Komaladi. I think this pant is matched with flat shoes tho.

this is me with fashion bloggers, Elisabeth, Ines, and Gaby. 

and this is me with my sisters and my bestfriend at ootdindo famous booth!

what a great stuff and time we've got!

I'll see yall later, alligator!