Kamis, 24 Juli 2014


Hello guys
Well today I just had a photoshoot, after a long time I didn’t take one... Oh and, my final exam this semester is already over YAASSSHH! Now, I’m in my holiday, but unfortunately I’m not traveling anywhereL I thought I would go to Manado, to my village, but my parents said that I’d spend a lot of money, if I go, I don’t know why they said that but I think they were right hahaha by the by my cousin just came home last week, she was taking a college at Jember, she’s my age, and has a sense of fashion just like me, so we’re spending our time shopping, and I’m totally out of money by now OMAGAD! Hahaha

I’m in love with floral lately, I got the top from local market with the cheapest price you can imagine haha shoes I got from Lasenora and the stocking socks I pasted some star studs, it looks so cute!

Oh, congrats for our new president and vice president!
Be wise!

See ya'll later alligator!

Selasa, 01 Juli 2014


Hai guys!
well sorry I couldn't take a pic outside my house, it's just i'm still on my exam day;(
okay i dont want to talk about how tough my day is...

after this boring exam i'm gonna get a very long holiday, for 3 months wohooo>,< It's too long actually hahaha but I already prepare for my holiday... new books, new movies, and of course new outfits so stay tune readers!(?) I hope this holiday won't be that boring tho

Oh and,
Election day is coming, choose wisely guys!

See you later, alligator!