Selasa, 01 Desember 2015

Welcome December

Wow it’s getting closer to 2016… and also Christmas! The best time of the year! Well, myself really wish next year will be better, because this year honestly a tough year for me… but it’s not like there’s nothing to thank for. It’s just not the best. So many problems that can’t be solved and anything. Hhmm well, I just finished my job training and now I’m working on my final essay and I hope it can be done because I’m too lazy to work it out, it really depends on my mood you know. Well, as usual looking for some cloth to wear is a moodbooster. So here some of my-getting-ready-for-the-cool-weather-coming outfit.

Wearing a knit top on a hot day? That’s not right. This is one of my fave knit tops on my closet. Love this dark green or camo color top because I had this beanie that is so cool to see because I barely had that kind of color. Black is all I got, so… it’s a latepost actually.

I am into knit tee and turtle neck lately, ohh and a long skirt, I don’t know, till now I can really decide what exactly my style is. Like almost every of my fashionistas friends had their own ‘identity’ or nickname, like “he’s the monochrome boy” “oh look she’s the hippie gal” “we’re the moon child” aaahh and I got nothing. Well, classy is definitely not my style for sure.

I really need some new cloth, and new shoes, and new accessories…  and I can’t believe that I’m out of stock! I mean, it’s almost new year for crying out loud! Ah, but I won’t be able to do that anytime soon. Let’s face it, my mom is out of town, she never gives me pocket money on holiday sooo…

Alright! Enough with my misery haha so I got some information for you guys, do you guys happened know about 1212? Well, it’s National Online Shopping Day!!!! WOHOO! Asdfhjkl! I think I get so excited about it! Haha. One word, SALE! Who the hell doesn’t love sale<3<3

This December some of the online fashion retailer is going to give a discount for those online buyers. ZALORA (Asia's leading online fashion destination) is a pioneer of the National Online Shopping Day that always held every December 12th that took a participation to give a great discount for y’all! You can call it “The Biggest Promo in December” or “Promo Terbesar di Desember”. ZALORA offers practical, easy and fast way to shop, no need to jostle around with other buyers since all the transactions will be done through online that more efficient and definitely very easy.

ZALORA Indonesia as one of the largest online fashion store in Indonesia also did not want to lose to give a discount on “The Biggest Promo in December”. ZALORA offering discounts and promotions to attract up more than 50% of the product. No need to be sad again when you want to get a quality fashion products. You can make reservations online, you can easily choose the type of clothes as you want, as you like. The process of selecting the product is easy, and the ease of transaction is certainly a reason why you can try shopping online. UH! And also enjoy the Ease of Cash On Delivery (COD). What are you waiting for? Let’s jazz up the ZALORA National Online Shopping Day only in Indonesia. And Remember, 1212!

Click to know more about ZALORA
Click to know more about The Biggest Promo in Desember

See y'all later, alligator!


Kamis, 27 Agustus 2015

Grunge Is Not A Trend

Hai guys! What's up?
I miss blogging so much! Sorry I left, it's a connection problem for sho;(

Okay! Now I'm going to share about the recent outfit I wore. It's grungy kinda mood.

Grunge style is not sumthing that you find difficult to mix and match. It's just sumthing messy that yourself find it cool to wear.

I love wearing a long skirt somehow, my mother once told me that I look like an elder. But when everybody said that I look cool, my mother changed her opinion and said that look cool too. Well, that's my mother hahaha

Btw, I just knew that my bestfriend got a tattoo! AAA I really want one for btchs sake! Well, that's not going to happen, my mom going to kill me right away if she see me got one haha

See y'all later alligator! GRUNGE RULES!


Rabu, 11 Maret 2015

Keeping Formal

Just a quick hi, this is the formal outfit that I wore before OOTD competition (read my previous post here).

My bestie and I met this cutie fashion blogger, her name is Graciella well-called as Grace. I’ve already met her once actually, our first meet was unplanned, I saw her sing on a competition, she has a great voice btw;) just click REFLECTIONSELF if you want to know more about her life and style!

Georgia, me, Grace

Top – My cousin’s
Pant – Local Market
Heels – Zara
K then, I’ll see you guys later, alligator!


Rabu, 04 Maret 2015

Dreamers Festival #OOTDF2015

Hey guys! What's up?
Last saturday I joined a competition on Dreamers Festival, Outfit Of The Day Competition to be exact... Actually my bff georgia who told me about this competition from january, at first I wasn't so sure to join, because I never win anything before haha but she convinced me to join, so why not? I need to tag some pictures of my outfit from my instagram page to @dreamersradio and vuala! I'm one of 20 finalists that can join the fashion show of our own outfit! We had a GR on the day before the D-day, unfortunately reksa(one of the finalist) and I came a lil too late, they've(the other finalists) left when we came haha so reksa and I trained to walk on the runway just two of us, that was the awkward moment I think, and he made it clear too HAHA
This is the 20 finalist
And on D-day, I still have no one to talk too... I only knew Ravi and Diras because we went to dreamers radio to had a technical meeting about the festival... Everyone meet in a room, and I just stay quite because I didn't have someone to talk to... Bla bla bla the result was I came up as a runner up and reksa came first! Aaarrrghh I still can feel the euphoria! Wohooo and then everyone became closer because we wore the same monochrome theme for the show and we talked too much about the guets that we did or didn't know(the gossip gang!) lol they're such a cool friends! That was one of the precious time I've ever had, first I have such a lovely cousin who always accompanied me, my bestfriend georgia, and my boyfie, they always supported me family that kept supported me at home hehe I love you guys lots! And for my fashionistas friends, let's keep in touch!

This is me when the show began


Reksa and Me

Thalia, Georgia, Indra<3

Dreamers Festival held by Dreamers Radio
Sponsored y #SamsungDF2015 #ComMenity, etc

I thanked Dreamers Radio so much for such a great opportunity! This is one of the best experience I've ever had!

See y'all later, alligator!