Kamis, 25 September 2014

Black Is RAD!

The title came from my boyfie, actually I was asking him what’s good enough to name it... something with black in it... And he came up with Jennifer Alejandra’s poem, he said “Roses are red, Violets are blue, Black is...you think the rest by yourself” haha and I want it to be awesome so, RAD! Black is RAD, YAASSHH.


So I already bought this black skirt with suspender about couple months ago... But I don’t want to wear it without a wide hat, because I think it’d match, so I looked for the wide hat, and two months later...BAM, found one! And it is perf to wear with the skirt:) I immediately took a photo to post!

[Wide Hat : H&M Shoe : Lasenora]

I’m now in love with The Script new album No Sound Without Silence<3 I love what they’re doing with the lyrics, so deep! (well of course in every song of theirs) It’s like “YES! I know what it feels like!” and you’re like nodding in every sentences...gosh! I’m like listening to porn song! HAHA
Well then,

I'll see ya'll later, alligator

Sabtu, 20 September 2014

Summer Break

Sorry for being a lazy blogger... well actually it’s because I just got a chicken pox.........gosh I hate it SO MUCH! By the by, last holiday, I went to Manado, at first my mom wouldn’t let me go, but my dad wanted me and my sister to go so....  OMAGA! This summer break was AWWWWSOME! I went to Linow Lake which is So B-E-A-UTIFUL and went to Lihaga Island with my big family which is MORE THE MOST MOSTEST B-E-A-UTIFUL! But, the minute I touched down home, I got this fricking chicken pox:( it’s fine, the europhia of summer is worth it, tho.
Well, I’ll share my picture when I was on my vacation plus my outfit I wore there! Check it out

This is when my brother and I went to Linow Lake... beautiful view right<3<3 It was freezing there by the way

This is when I went to Lihaga Island with my family<3333

And these photos I took H-1 before I back home. At my village, right in front of my house there.
[White Dress and Shoes : Zara]

Well that's all about my vacation.
I'm gonna post about fashion look, next week! Stay tune!

I'll see you all later, alligator!