Senin, 02 Juni 2014

First Try

Yey, my very first fashion post! Hey, what's up?!
Fashion that I loved, just try to mix and match my outfit;)

So yesteday I was going to INFARE x OOTDINDO, fashion bazaar by fashion bloggers and local brands at EX Plaza (Indonesia) with my bestfriend Georgia, her sister Regine, her sister’s bf Charlie, and my sisters from different father and different mother Thalia & Gladys. We were so excited about the event! I got so much stuff with a good price, so matched with the contents of my wallet;p  I think my friends and I were dressed fashionably enough to took a pic with our fav blogger and took a pic at ootdindo’s famous booth;) My favorite is Elisabeth for sho! I don’t know why, but I think her style is so me! If you wanted to know about her style you can click here … But the other looked  great too… no, they were awesome!!! Well, I thanked my bestfriend to let me knowing about this fashionable life through them:* 

This was my outfit yesterday

I love this flower pant so much! everyone thought that's a skirt=) I bought my pant-skirt, uk bag and tattoo necklace from local market, blacelets from sin, beanie from Star Store, and shoes from Yongki Komaladi. I think this pant is matched with flat shoes tho.

this is me with fashion bloggers, Elisabeth, Ines, and Gaby. 

and this is me with my sisters and my bestfriend at ootdindo famous booth!

what a great stuff and time we've got!

I'll see yall later, alligator!

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  1. welcome to the blogosphere! can't wait to read all your outfit post :)

  2. nice top!
    love the post:)