Senin, 23 Februari 2015

In My Mind

Hello guys! I feel so stupid now, I said that I'm gonna be active with my blog stuff but the fact is I'm not. haha
Well, here I go. Last month I went to Karawang, my sister Angel works there now, she said there are couple of beautiful places in Karawang that we can take a picture at (she knows that I love hunting) so my cousins and I went there, and it's true! first I went to an open golf field, just right behind my sister's place, but unfortunately there was no time to take a picture, there. so we just went to San Diego Memorial Park, which is more B-E-A-Utiful!

People always think that what we do is in vain... well myself too, that's why I never done something I start because I feel like the result will be nothing but sht. Now I know that it's just in my mind, my mind keep making me think that way. Making me think that I always try but nothing happen. The fact is, I just didn't try harder. haha intermezo-

Hope you guys have a nice day!
See y'all later, alligator!


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